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Monday, 12 September 2011

Yasai Itameru

Stir fried tofu with mixed vegetables, noodles and coconut ginger sauce

This recipe comes from the Wagamama Cookbook.  It’s a really great book, with all the greats from the restaurant as well as many others.  I have cooked a few things from this book and they always turn out just right – with the Amai Udon (udon noodles with peanuts and leeks in a tamarind sauce - without prawns) turns out exactly as it does in the restaurant. 

For Hannah’s birthday at the beginning of the summer I said that I would make her dinner, and she picked this recipe.  It did seem much more involved than stir fries that I usually make, but it really was worth it.  I was lucky enough to have the wonderful Alli helping out in the kitchen – especially when I grated off my fingertip with the microplane. 

Serves 2.

150g rice noodles (we used udon noodles, as well as being squishy and delicious, they also come in handy serving-sized packets)
approx. 3 tbsp vegetable oil (or other flavourless oil)
1 tbsp garlic paste (homemade or bought)
1 red chilli, trimmed, deseeded and finely chopped
200g firm tofu, cut into 1 inch cubes
3 pak choi, halved lengthways
1 red onion, peeled and thickly sliced
5 spring onions, trimmed and cut into 1 inch lengths
1 small sweet potato, peeled and julienned
2 handfuls of beansprouts
1 tsp salt (we did not use anywhere near this much)
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
250ml coconut ginger sauce (see below)
handful fresh coriander, roughly chopped
1 lime, cut into wedges

Cook the noodles in a large pan of water for 2-3 minutes (if necessary), drain and refresh under cold running water to prevent them from overcooking.  Leave them in cold water until you are ready for them.

Heat a wok (or medium frying pan, or like us in one which was way too small, leading to stir frying being done in batches) over a medium heat for 1-2 minutes or until completely hot and almost smoking, and then add the vegetable oil.  Stir in the garlic paste and chilli, cook for 10 seconds and then add the tofu, pak choi, red onion, spring onions, sweet potato and beansprouts and stir fry for about 5 minutes.

Add the salt, sugar and soy sauce and stir fry for 4-5 minutes until tender.  Remove the pan from the heat and drizzle over the sesame oil, stirring to combine.

In a separate pan, mix the coconut ginger sauce into the noodles and warm through on a low heat.  Divide between 2 bowls (or however many you are using) and top with the stir fry, coriander and lime wedges.

Coconut ginger sauce

Makes about 500ml
2 tbsp vegetable oil
3 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped
1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated
1 inch piece of fresh galangal, peeled and grated
4 lemongrass sticks, outer leaves removed and finely chopped
500ml hot water
½ tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
200g can coconut milk
3 tbsp roughly chopped fresh coriander

Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan over a low heat.  Add the ginger, garlic, galangal and lemongrass.  Sauté over a moderate heat for 6-8 minutes, until softened and fragrant but not coloured.  Add the hot water, bring to the boil, add the sugar and salt.  Turn the heat down and simmer for 20 minutes, until reduced by about half.  Then stir in the coconut milk, heat for a further 2 minutes, remove from the heat and add the coriander.  Adjust seasoning if necessary.

Can't cook without a decent sunset over the sea right?

The finished dish - delicious!

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  1. And what a wonderful birthday meal it was. Thank you Miri xx