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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lemon Thyme and Raspberry Summer Trifle

This isn't like any other trifle. With yogurt, honey and fruit instead of jelly, custard and cream, it is light, sharp, super delicious and somewhat guilt-free.

After making those fennel and pink pepper chocolates a few months ago, I became really interested in how herbs could be used in food in interesting ways. This recipe is a really great example of the versatility of herbs, and I have been so inspired by it – so expect lots more strange and herby things in recipes to come!

This recipe was given to me by the wonderful Elizabeth, who I met when we were both the civil witnesses at our mutual friends' wedding. Said friends later told me about this brilliant trifle Elizabeth had made, and I knew I had to investigate. I tried out the recipe, and am now sharing it with you lovely people (with her permission).


- Madelines, or salvatori (I used 9 madelines)

- 500g total yogurt pot, or fromage frais

- A tablespoon or two of orange blossom honey, according to how sweet you like things

- leaves of four lemon thyme sprigs

- 400g raspberries or other soft, sharp fruit (or dried fruit rehydrated to 400g*).

These are Elizabeth's words, I could not have put it better:

"Mix lemon thyme and honey with yoghurt and stick in fridge for about at least 30 mins or until set again.

Put 1 layer of madelines in the bottom of shallow dish.

Crush fruit with fork to release juice or heat rehydrated fruit gently and spread over madelines. Cover and set aside for at least 30 mins.

At least two hours before you wish to eat** blob yoghurt mix over fruit layer and then spread with the back of a spoon- the blobbing stage is important. If you don't do it you end up with a kind of cake crumb smoothie.

Most appropriate to eat standing over the kitchen counter by yourself at 3am rather than a pudding for company. If you've gone fancy with the fruit layer then stick a complementary topping on top of the yoghurt before serving. If not put on more honey and lemon thyme leaves. Job done. Serves 4 grown ups or 6 dieters."

* Note from Elizabeth: "[once made it by] rehydrating golden raisins in some more honey and sour cherry juice- to complement the Middleasten flavours I then drizzled pomegranate syrup over the top of the dish to serve."

**Note from Miri: I prepared this the day before, and it was set really thickly and lovely and gooey on the bottom.

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